Active Transportation Plan

The 2016 Active Transportation Plan is to provide long range policy framework to evaluate and improve pedestrian opportunities for active lifestyle choices. This report is to provide cohesive, connected, safe and functional future developments and redevelopments of existing trails and pedestrian networks throughout the Town of Penhold. The implementation is broken into 3 key components:

1) Short-term action items: would include those projects that provide connection opportunities and are immediately remedied.

2) Long-term action items: includes important projects, but not identified for development in the immediate future

3) Longer-term action items: include projects that would provide benefit and opportunity to the Town over time, and are not immediate.

Implementation for the improved trails, sidewalks and pathways are evaluated based on community needs, pedestrian usage and available funding.

This document will be reviewed during budget deliberations on a yearly basies as to the extent Council wishes to address active transportation.

Active Transportation Plan

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