Rick Binnendyk

Position: Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 403-886-4567

Email: rbinnendyk@townofpenhold.ca

The Chief Administrative Officer is the administrative head of the municipality; responsible for overseeing all functions and business activities of the municipality.

The CAO works with council as an advisor in formulating policy; to provide good governance, for services, facilities and other things that council deems important to develop and maintain a safe and viable community.

The CAO serves as the link between council, which sets policy, and administration, which implements policy.

Responsibilities include general supervision of all departments and management of all department heads. As administrative head of the Town, the CAO is responsible for the overall operation of the Town in accordance with the objectives, plans, programs and policies approved by Council and in accordance with the various Provincial or Federal Statutes and Municipal By-laws, including those outlined in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) of Alberta.

Town Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm (Closed from 12:00PM - 12:30PM)
Address: #1 Waskasoo Avenue, Box 10, Penhold, AB, T0M 1R0
Phone: 403-886-4567  Fax: 403-886-4039  Email: info@townofpenhold.ca