Penhold Fire Department

Department Contact

Jim Pendergast, Fire Chief
Phone: (403) 886-4553
Fax: (403) 886-4546

Penhold Fire Department
Box 10, 1 Waskasoo Avenue
Penhold, Alberta T0M 1R0

The Penhold Fire Department is volunteer, coed and proud to be part of Alberta’s emergency services team.

Team Profile

Our members volunteer for service, but are paid an honorarium for training time and time spent on emergency calls.

We exist under the authority of the Town of Penhold and operate using a rank structure. The Fire Chief manages the department and delegates tasks to his/her officers and front line firefighters.

We are currently recruiting new members. If you think you can offer any time, apply today!

Putting the "Team" in Team

Firefighters work hard, but we play hard too. Our members hang out with each other, from the pancake breakfasts in the summer, to road tripping in the mountains. Not to mention trips to take training together, or just hanging out cleaning gear at the hall.

There's no "I" in team, but there's no "alone" either. We're friends, buddies and someone to help when you need a hand.

Mutual Aid

Our department does not only protect the town, but we also work in conjunction with other departments in our vicinity, Penhold's agreement is with Red Deer County and Innisfail. A lot has changed since the early 1900’s when Fire Companies literally fought to see who was going to put out the fire. Now we all work together. That’s why you may see County trucks and firefighters in our town.

Our History as a Department

The department has been around for years in Penhold, and we have many stories to tell. We've had members from all walks of life and skill levels. We've been though grain elevator fires, barn fires, grass fires, motor vehicle collisions and house fires.

We've also flipped pancakes, taken part in parades and helped out around the community.

What We Do

We respond to all fire, rescue, and medical emergencies in Penhold. There are 35 highly dedicated and trained fire fighters.

Our core responsibilities include fires (structural, vehicle, grass etc.) rescues (vehicle accidents, ice/water, industrial/work place etc.) medical (trauma or sickness), fire prevention (business and home inspections on request), public education (school visits, special events, parades, fire hall tours etc.) fire code enforcement, hazardous material incidents, and natural disasters.

Even though we are volunteer, we are a full service fire rescue department.

In 2016 we responded to over 146 incidents.

Like all bedroom communities, our greatest need is for people who are available in the daytime from 6am until 6pm, as most of our people work outside of Town. We practice every Wednesday night from 7-9pm.

Town Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm (Closed from 12:00PM - 12:30PM)
Address: #1 Waskasoo Avenue, Box 10, Penhold, AB, T0M 1R0
Phone: 403-886-4567  Fax: 403-886-4039  Email: