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Ambulance Services

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Penhold is provided through Alberta Health Services (AHS) and is accessed by calling 911.

The Penhold Volunteer Fire Department responds to all medical emergencies in town. The Fire Department has more than 20 fully trained emergency medical responders or emergency medical technicians, with all members trained to at least standard first aid health care provider level. The Penhold Fire Department runs the Medical First Responder program with consent from Town Council, under the policies, procedures and guidelines of AHS, and under the direction of the AHS Medical Director for Central Alberta.

Many times people ask "I called for an ambulance why did the Fire Department show up?" AHS does not station an ambulance in Penhold and the Fire Department can arrive on scene in 5-6 minutes in most cases with highly trained and equipped personnel to provide immediate care. We also assist the EMS personnel with patient care, packaging, and in serious incidents transport.

What can we not provide? We are not able in our scope of practice to cancel an ambulance, transport patients in our vehicles, or provide medical advice without a Doctor's approval.

This is a value added service provided by highly skilled and motivated fire fighters and we are glad to be able to serve. There is no cost to the patient for this service.