Development Authority

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The Development Officer reviews each permit application for development to determine its appropriateness in accordance with regulations of the current Land Use Bylaw.

When applying for a discretionary use, applicants are encouraged to speak to the Planning & Development department in advance to submitting their application. This will help to identify other considerations. Depending on the nature of the proposed development, an application may be referred to the Municipal Planning Commission for review, support and direction.

Notice of decisions issued on development permit applications are provided by the Development Officer in writing, stating terms and conditions for each development permit.  Any revisions or amendments to a development permit application in which a notice of decision has already been provided by the Development Officer will require submission for a new development permit application.

Final copies of building specifications are forwarded to the building inspector who provides contracted building inspection services on behalf of the Town of Penhold. The building inspector is responsible for completing a building plan review and four stages of inspections, i.e., foundation, framing, heat and ventilation, and final inspection.