MAP Multi-Use All-Wheel Park

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This collaborative project between the Town of Penhold and The Penhold & District Optimist Club was opening in the fall of 2021. The opening of the MAP saw a modified version of the long anticipated skatepark become a reality along with a pumptrack feature to create a Multi-Use All-Wheel Park (MAP) south of the Penhold Regional Multiplex.

What is a pump track?

It’s a closed loop track with rolling bumps, banked corners and berms (swoopy, banked turns) for biking, rollerblading and scooters. They are designed to maximize momentum so users can ride the pump track with minimal exertion. Pump tracks are a perfect structure for practising balance, learning skills and improving confidence. 

The skatepark portion of the Penhold MAP will include seven (7) features:

  • bank ramp
  • slappy rail
  • manual pad
  • flat rail
  • flat ledge
  • quarter pipe extension
  • quarter pipe transition