Municipal Bylaw or Violation Complaint

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Please be patient with the Officers as immediate Hazard to Public Safety, and Emergency Situations will take first priority.          
All complaints are addressed in a timely manner and on a priority basis.

Making a Complaint in Person

The Community Peace Officers office is at #1 Waskasoo Avenue, Penhold, AB, which is located upstairs in the Penhold Multiplex building.

Municipal Enforcement Complaint Form

Making a Complaint by Phone

For faster assistance: if your complaint is related to Animal Control please call 403-506-9380.

For all other Municipal Bylaw or Violation related complaints, please be ready with the following information for faster response.

- Your name, address and primary contact phone number

- The address of the exact location of the property for which you wish to register a complaint about or the vehicle style, make and license plate

- A brief and concise description of the complaint

All information will remain confidential. No anonymous complaints will be accepted ā€“ you must identify yourself.

Freedom of Information and Privacy Act

Complaint line: 403-886-3286

After submitting your complaint it will be sent the Town of Penhold Community Peace Officers department where:

- A file is created specifying your concerns

- The officer investigates your complaint

- Depending on the circumstances, the officer may issue a warning notice with directions to remedy the problem within a specified time frame, may issue a work order if related to unsightly properties for clean up, or issue a fine immediately.

- The officer may contact your to appear as a witness, if the matter goes to court

Complaint Follow Up

A Peace Officer will attempt to contact the complainant to acknowledge receipt of their complaint.

Municipal Violation Ticket Review

If you have received a Municipal Violation Ticket and wish to discuss this violation with a Peace Officer, the following process must be followed.

A request for an Administrative Review on a Municipal Violation Ticket that you have been issued can be submitted by:

In writing no later than 10 calendar days from the offence date.

Municipal Violations Administrative Review Form

If you would like to print off the form, you may submit it by fax: 403-886-4039 or personally drop it off at the address located at the bottom of the form.

By emailing the Peace Officers at no later than 10 calendar days from the offence date.