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Planning and Development

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Why Penhold? 

Penhold is a vibrant family oriented community nestled between the QEII HWY and HWY2A just south of Red Deer, AB.  The population of Penhold was 3,563 in the spring of 2019. Our growing commercial sector makes it simple for residents to shop local. Local merchants include grocery store, pharmacy, medical clinic, dentist, veterinary clinic, bank, coffee shops, restaurants, fast food retailers, hardware store, gas stations, hair salons, convenience stores, liquor and cannabis retailers.

The purpose of an offsite levy is to provide the municipality the ability to work with developers in a cooperative/partnership way in the construction of new or expanded services required for land that is to be developed or subdivided.    

(MGA Sections 648 –651 describes the type of service that can be provided for and varying aspects of collection of fees to construct the prescribe facilities.)

With the annexation, this new bylaw allows the Town to move forward with development planning and identifying costs for future infrastructure. New changes in legislation allows consideration for recreational facilities, fire halls, libraries, and police stations as part of capital costs serving the community and can be incorporated within the Offsite Levy Bylaw.   

2021 Offsite Levy Report

Click here to view the Town of Penhold Strategic Planning Documents and Strategic Priorities Chart

Council and Town Senior Staff held its Strategic Priority Setting Sessions Dec. 3 - 4, 2021. These sessions were for council with senior staff to identify STRATEGIC TOPICS for discussion; explore each strategic topic as a STRATEGIC POSSIBILITY; and determine STRATEGIC PRIORITIES along with actions for implementation.

The attached document outlines the Strategic Process, Strategic Topics, Strategic Possibilities (AKA Action Plan), Strategic Priorities, Recommendations and Strategic Priorities Chart. The Strategic Priorities Chart is a living breathing document that is reviewed and updated quarterly. 

New Home Buyer Incentive Program offers a reduction on Municipal Property Taxes for new home buyers. Check out great variety of home from one of the local builders offering homes in the new developments of Hawkridge Estates, Oxford Landing and The Palisades. 

The Planning & Development Department works with residents and businesses to achieve successful development and growth within the Town of Penhold. The Planning and Development Department facilitates planning and development within Penhold in accordance with the Town’s Land Use Bylaw 757/18 and guided by the Town’s statutory documents, including the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The MGA empowers municipalities to manage land within their municipality boundaries in a variety of ways.

The authority of municipalities to develop, adopt, implement, and review plans and bylaws that integrate the legislation, planning principles, and community views is established in accordance with Section 17 of the MGA. 

For more information contact

A development and building permit are required for the construction, addition, renovation and / or demolition of any residential property.

Building Permit Application

Development Permit Application

Building a Residential Detached Garage Tip Sheet 

Garage or Shed >100 sq ft Work Sheet

Building a Wood Deck Tip Sheet

Deck Building Worksheet

(Note: Should work have been found to have started before an application has been submitted, the permit fees will be doubled)

A permit is not required to build a fence provided it meets the following:

  • The maximum height of a fence in the back yard is 1.8 m (6 ft.);
  • The maximum height of a fence in the front yard is 1.2 m (4 ft.);
  • The fence is fully within your property lines;
  • Complementary fencing material is used;
  • Notwithstanding the above, restrictions on corner sites shall apply.

Ensure your fence is located on or within your property lines. To determine your property lines, you can use your Real Property Report to assist in locating property lines or pin finder to locate your property pins. Fences are not allowed to encroach on municipal land.  Please refer to Section 3.34 of the Land Use Bylaw 757/2018 for more information.

Please contact Alberta 1 Call at 1 800 242 3447, to locate underground utility lines.

All garage and secondary suites require a development and building permit, a site plan showing two (2) off-street parking stalls with measurements and entrance to the suite, a floor plan and measurement of the suite with each room labeled with its use, current title (less than 30 days) and fee payment.  Regulations for garage suites and secondary suites are outlined the in the Land Use Bylaw 757/2018 (Section 4.9/4.10).

The Alberta Building and Safety Codes Act has important safety requirements for secondary suites, and we recommend that you contact IJD Inspections at 403-346-6533 for more information.

A development and building permit are required for the construction, addition, renovation and/or demolition of any commercial, industrial or institutional building.  If the business is being moved to a new locations, a development permit is required if there is a change in use of the building.

Development Permit Application

Building Permit Application

A demolition permit is required to be submitted for approval for any demolition or move of a building from a site in any land use district.  The purpose of a demolition permit is to ensure that all services are disconnect prior to demolition and the site is safe during and after the demolition.

Demolition Permit Application

Most signs require a sign permit.  Please refer to the Land Use Bylaw 757/2018 (Schedule B) for sign regulations.

Sign Permit Application

Home-based businesses are where the secondary use of the principal building by the permanent resident of the dwelling is conducting business activity or an occupation.  Home-based businesses within Town are required to have a current Town of Penhold business license.  Depending on the type of work you are conducting, additional documentation may be required such as approval from Alberta Health or professional certificates and certification.

If you do not own the home where the business is operation from, a letter of authorization from the property owner will need to accompany your application.

Minor home-based business generally operates without noticeable activity from outside of the dwelling.  For example, a home office which provides professional service such as accounting. 

Business License Application 2021

Major home-based businesses where clients will be coming to your home for services and where additional traffic to the residence may be generated.  Major home-based businesses may also require a development permit in conjunction with the business license application.  This process provides notification and opportunity for adjacent landowners to express any concern they may have about the proposed business.  

Please refer to the Land Use Bylaw 757/2018 (Section 4.4/4.5) for more information about minor and major home-based businesses.

Development Application 

In addition to the development permit application, business license application and fees, please submit a parking plan that shows one (1) additional off-street parking with dimensions.

Please refer to the Town of Penhold Business License Bylaw 736/17 for more information and fee schedule.

Business licenses are valid from January 1 – December 31 with renewals of business licenses done annually if the business or service proposes to continue operating the next year. 

If you have a valid Business License in the Town of Penhold, you may promote your business for free on the business directory on the Town’s website.