RV Parking Information for Residents

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Park, Pack & Prepare your RV in 72 hours: 

Between April 1 and October 15 of each year, recreational vehicles (RV) may be parked on Town of Penhold roads for up to 72 consecutive hours for the purposes of loading and unloading. After 72 hours, RVs must be moved to a different location for at least 48 consecutive hours before being parked on the road again.

RV Parking on Private Property: 

  • RVs may be parked on an approved hard surface* parking pad** (page 68 of Land Use Bylaw) in the front yard of a residential parcel or the front or a flanking side yard of a residential parcel as long as they do not overhang the sidewalk or road. 
  • RVs cannot be parked on landscaped areas, including front or side yards, on your property.
  • At no time shall any recreational vehicle be parked with slide outs obstructing safe movement of vehicle traffic or pedestrian traffic.
  • No part of any RV can overhang sidewalk, street, or lane or otherwise create a traffic hazard.
  • RVs must not block traffic or pedestrians 
  • No unattached RVs / trailers can be parked in front of, across from or adjacent to residential property at any given time.

*Hard Surface means asphalt, concrete or paving stone or similar material that is used in the construction of a driveway or parking area, but does not include gravel or granular material. (page 21 Land Use Bylaw)

**Legal Parking Pad shall include the area used as a driveway to an attached front drive garage and an area that will include the extension of the sidewalk to the front door to a maximum of 1.0m (3.28ft.) from the wall of the garage adjacent to the walk leading to the front entrance and will also include the area from the edge of the driveway to the side property line on the opposite side of the sidewalk to the front door. This parking pad shall be a hard surfaced pad used for parking vehicles or recreational vehicles in the front yard area. (page 23 Land Use Bylaw)

RVs include:

  • Duly licensed travel trailers
  • Motor homes
  • Slide-in campers
  • Chassis-mounted campers
  • Boats
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Tent trailers

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