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Business Licences

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Most businesses operating or anyone providing a service within Town are required to have a current Town of Penhold business licence. Business licences are valid from January 1 – December 31 with renewals of business licences done annually if the business or service proposes to continue operating the next year. Some businesses operating within Town may also require a development permit in conjunction with the business licence application.

Please refer to the Town of Penhold Business Licence Bylaw 736/17 for more information and fee schedule.

If you have a valid Business Licence in the Town of Penhold, you may promote your business for free on the business directory on the Town’s website.

Applying for a Business Licence

Complete the business licence application form. Please ensure that you complete the application form in its entirely, indicating if the type of proposed business (major home-based business, minor home-based business or commercial). 

Complete business licence application online or complete in person at the Town Office during regular business hours.  

Payment can be made using Option Pay or paid in person at the Town Office.  

When making your payment using Option Pay, please note that there is an administration fee associated with all applications. Please ensure you have calculated the administration fee into your permit fee total. Under the Notes, please ensure you have included your municipal address if the permit number is unknown.

(Note: If you are a tenant and applying for a home based business the Town does require of letter of authorization)

Business Licence Fees

Resident $70.00

Non-Resident $120.00

Non-Resident Temporary (7 days or less) $50.00

Seasonal License (4 months or less) 1/2 the fee


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