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Transportation (Roads)

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No Parking Signs

Public Works will make every attempt to put out no parking signs the day before sweeping or snow removal is planned. Please ensure your vehicle is not parked on the street or you could be met with the consequence of a ticket or even be towed. In an event that Public Works is not able to complete sweeping or snow removal on the day planned, the signs will remain up for the next day as well. 

Residents are reminded to sign up for E-NEWS to have the street sweeping schedule sent to them via email so they know when their street is scheduled for cleaning / snow removal. 

Signs are placed out prior to 4:30pm the day before maintenance begins.


The purpose of alleys are for overland drainage. Alleys are not listed as a priority. Should alleyways become impassable, they may be cleared as time permits. All alleys are graded minimally twice yearly.

Road/Sidewalk Repair

All roads and sidewalks are inspected yearly and assessed for repairs. Yearly repair work is based on a priority system based on condition and budget.