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Storm (Drainage)

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The Town of Penhold has a combination of an underground and overland storm system. There are 5 storm retention ponds and 1 storm water Lift Station location in Penhold. During a storm the first priority is given to situations threatening health and/or property.

The storm retention ponds are not measured for ice depth in the winter and as there may be water flowing into these systems in the winter months we ask that you stay off the ice during winter as there may be a present danger of thin ice.

Tips for Proper Drainage

  • Create a sump pit and install a sump pump with reliable back up power; ensure pumps are operational.
  • Make sure your lot is graded to aid drainage away from your home.
  • Ensure sump hoses and down spouts are directed at least 6 feet away from your home's foundation.

It is illegal to have any storm drainage discharging directly into the sewer system, check sump pumps for illegal connections.  If they exist have them removed immediately as the extra flow can over load the sewer system and create sewer backups in your house.


When Spring has Sprung

When spring arrives that comes along with a large amount of puddles forming around Town.

Please be advised that the Public Works department does our best to minimize large puddles around Town; however, with the temperatures dipping below zero each night it is inevitable that the catch basins are freezing up each night and have to be steamed daily to thaw them and have them running again.

Please be patient as we understand there are catch basins frozen in many areas of Town but we must give priority to those with water surrounding them that have potential to damage property.