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Memorial Hall

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Penhold Memorial Hall is located at 1123 Fleming Avenue in Penhold. Memorial Hall was built in 1919 under the sponsorship of the Penhold Women's Institute as a memorial to those from Penhold and District who served the Canadian people with their bravery in the First World War. The Hall was officially opened with a Regimental Ball on November 8, 1919 and celebrated it's 100th Anniversary November 2019.

This multi-purpose centre has a comfortable seating capacity of 250 and boasts a large, commercial kitchen, a practical stage, hardwood dance floor, sound system with a cordless microphone, a designated bar area, large covered deck and ample parking. The roomy hall and extra amenities make it the ideal place for most special events.

Memorial Hall is a non-smoking facility. There are designated areas for those who may wish to smoke outside the facility. 

For information regarding the availability of dates as well as costs, contact the Town Office at (403) 886-4567 or email  All fees including Hall rental fee must be paid in full 30 days prior to the event.

Information & Policies

It is the responsibility of the renter to become familiar with this information and to inform their guests.

Booking Deposit

A $157.50 booking deposit or the full amount of the rental (if less than $150) is required at the time of booking in order to hold a specific date. This deposit will be subtracted from the total balance when final payment is due. The final balance of the rental must be paid before the keys to the facility will be given. The booking deposit is non-refundable. 

Security Deposits

A $250.00 security deposit is required 30 days prior to the event. A further $150 security deposit will be charged with the use of dishes/cutlery. The security deposit will be credited directly to the Town’s bank account until it is determined that no damage occurred, rules were followed, keys were returned and/or extra cleaning was not required.

If any of the above said is reported, the security deposit or a portion thereof will be withheld to compensate, and the balance will be refunded within three (3) weeks of the function date. A pre & post inspection will be performed by the Memorial Hall Caretaker when keys are picked up & returned. Please contact Memorial Hall Caretaker for all showings, repairs, etc.


• Lost Key: $75.00
• Excess Cleaning: $50.00/hour
• Table Repair: $25.00/leg or $100.00/table
• Chair Repair: $50.00
• Damage to Wall: $50.00/hole
• Noise Violations: up to $1,000.00


Booking Deposit $157.50 is non-refundable.


Renter is strongly encouraged to obtain insurance, naming the Town of Penhold as an additional insured, for the function prior to the date of the function.

It should be noted: Renters may be able to obtain insurance through their home owner’s policy upon request of their agent.



Full use of the kitchen facilities is included in the Hall rental. These include a commercial gas stove and 2 ovens, commercial dishwasher, steam line, cooler and coffee facilities. Use of dishes and cutlery is also available for no extra charge; however, an additional security deposit of $150 will be charged.

Coffee Facilities

Coffee machine and thermal carafes are included with Hall Rental.


There is no extra charge for the use of the bar area. The renter is responsible for any liquor permits required.

Tables & Chairs

A seating capacity of 250. There are 9 rectangular and 20 round tables available for use. There are rectangular and round tables available for use. Please do not drag the tables and chairs across the floor; lift and place them gently. Tables and chairs must be cleaned and replaced after use. Do not move tables onto the wooden dance floor.


Please do not tape or tack decorations to the plaster walls. Confetti, glitter, rice and/or open candles are not allowed in the Hall. Candles in appropriate holders are allowed, please remember never leave any candle unattended. If evidence indicates that this rule has not been adhered to, a portion of your security deposit will be withheld to cover damages and/or extra cleaning.


The individual signing the rental contract is responsible for not only the set up and organization of the function, but also to ensure that all rules and regulations are adhered to, all appropriate cleaning requirements have been completed, all doors are secured, all lights and fans are shut off, the hall is vacated by 3:00 am.

Should the Lessee be unable to uphold this responsibility it is their duty to designate another reliable individual to do so, as liability will still reside with the Lessee. Keys are to be dropped off with Memorial Hall Caretaker only after post inspection.

The above information and policies are set out, posted and enforced for the protection of the residents of Penhold, the Penhold Memorial Hall and all future users.

Please respect these conditions to ensure that everyone using the Hall may enjoy the facility and the equipment provided.