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Public Works

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The Town of Penhold is reminding residents the storm retention ponds are not measured for ice depth in the winter. There may be water flowing into these systems during the winter months, so town officials ask everyone to stay off the ice as there may be a danger of thin ice. 

The Public Works Department Consists of 1 manager, 5 full time operators, 1 full time landscape/gardener, 1 full time administration and utility clerk, 1 part time admin/safety and 4 temporary summer staff. What do we do? 

These areas are:

- Snow Removal
- Street Sweeping
- Maintain Roadways, sidewalks & alleys
- Maintain infrastructure

- Storm Water Management
- Drainage

- Operate Water/Wastewater systems
- Maintain Quality drinking water
- Hydrant/Line flushing
- Install/read water meters
- Calculate & send out utility bills
- Reporting to Government agencies

- Operate regional sewer line

- Maintain garbage receptacles around public property in Penhold

Park & Recreation
- Operate/maintain outdoor recreational facilities
- Maintain parks and green spaces

Memorial Hall
- Memorial Hall maintenance


Can anyone work in water and wastewater?

No. Alberta Environment mandates certification for Water & Wastewater Operators. Certification is obtained through combination of education, experience and passing the Government examination. Continuing education is required to maintain certification.

Are there checks done to make sure the water is safe?

The Town of Penhold water is treated to comply with Alberta Drinking Water Regulations

Public Works Department Yearly Maintenance Schedule

 Yearly Maintenance Schedule